We try to learn lessons from our work; particularly after major incidents. We are conscious that the more we say we’ve improved our service, the more provocative that might be “why didn’t you do this before”. And yet, we know that families will want reassurance that we have learnt lessons from our handling of Bali. The only answer is to explain that we will never have got support for people completely right; and that we will always try to learn from our handling of every crisis.


What specific help is now available for victims of terror overseas? Families were generally already aware of the package of measures announced by the Secretary of State on 18 September. More recently, we have revised this further to bring the policy on flights in line with that of the diplomatic service ie any flight over 3 hours will be business class rather than economy. Separately, the Foreign Secretary has agreed to an “eight point action plan” for future victims of terrorism and their families:


a)  Access to counselling or payment of up to £600 per person for up to 4 people per family of victims (both bereaved and injured);


b)  More active help to families to resolve outstanding issues after they return to the



c)  An automatic request to MPs to help victims’ families with local benefits/assistance;


d)  An automatic request to NGOs to consider setting up an appeal;


e)  Ensuring that immediate consideration is given to building a memorial;.


f)   Taking responsibility for ensuring that there is a memorial service shortly after the event and an anniversary service 12 months after the event;


g)  Collation of messages of condolence for families;


h)  Automatic consultation with families concerned after three to six months after the event for views on the standard of our help;




Some of this is, of course, overtaken in the case of the victims of the Bali bombing and their families. But we can offer, retrospectively, access to or payment for counselling to all the families of victims of the Bali bombing and those that were injured. I attach details.




With regards to a memorial for the victims of the Bali bombing, the Government has agreed to contribute up to £100,000 towards a Memorial. We have spoken to the Chief Executive of the Royal Parks who has indicated that we should be able to place a Memorial in one of St James Park, Regents Park or Hyde Park. We are holding further meetings to discuss any restrictions/planning permission that we will need to